Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I dont' think this site likes Macs...I'm not getting the option to have a title.

Ok. Here is my day at the moment. I'm scarfing down the last half of the banana my DD didn't want to eat. She is sitting in splendor (IN PANTIES!!!) in her high chair with waffles, cereal, fresh grapes, milk & smashed banana. I have a half of said squashed banana. Who said life was fair? She is also playing in the milk and informing me that her high pitched squeal is "like an O". (I'm not sure that making the alphabet sounds at a high pitched volume should be encouraged.)

I have to dress both kids and take the little DS to the Dr. for first shots this morning. :-( Then I have to turn in my FIRST speeding ticket (which is due to the court today), buy a breast pump, clean up the house, do the laundry (my DD didn't make it to the bathroom in the panties, but another story)

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