Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh, we had such a great time last night!

I was bedrest with my DS for 10 weeks. My DH, in trying to keep my looking forward and not be depressed suggested that we buy tickets to the new Harry Connick, jr. broadway show "Pajama Game". (I luuuvvvvv Harry. :-) but not in a scary way) It was for several months down the line, and it seemed like a good idea to look forward to. It would also be our mutual 9th wedding anniversary gift to each other.

Well, DS came, and we got through most of the hard time. (NICU stay, infections, fun stuff) It came that I had to have an operation the day before said broadway tickets. So, unfortunately, said broadway tickets just weren't going to happen. DH went to the box office to get a refund (my idea) and he decided to surprise me with very expsensive, 4th row orchestra seats and a meet the cast reception afterwards for a later date. I thought it was way too expensive and tried to sell them on eBay. Didn't work. So, oh well, we had to go. :-)

SO, yesterday was the big day. I rushed around all day with said kids (see last post). DS got shots, wasn't happy and has run a low grade fever ever since. Dogs peed. Kids cried. I waited in line at the post office for 45 min. What kind of nasty people don't let a mom with a toddler and a screaming 2 month old go in front. I had 1 envelope! Oh well, it got mailed.

I rushed home and got ready to meet Mr. Connick in 10 min. 10 minutes with my almost3yearold daughter throwing things gleefully out of my closet which almost included our smallest dog (another story) and my 2monthold son screaming his fevered lungs out. (And no, I don't feel guilty for leaving him with his grandparents when he didn't feel good, he got tylenol, right? Ok, a little guilty, but he slept and ate the whole time.) After finding a pair of jeans that would fit this not-back-to-normal body (trying out running words together here), threw on a black top (wouldn't show leaking milk) and a leather blazer and the highest, coolest heels I could find. RAN out of the house and speed to the train station. Found out that a train had been derailed after sitting there for 30 minutes. Decided to try and drive so I got a taxi BACK to my house and my dear MIL had my car running and waiting. I drove that poor family car (Ford Freestyle) like it was a speedster. Poor thing groaned and complained, but we made it. Just. My loving husband who was waiting outside the theater (have YOU ever tried to hurry accross midtown Manhattan and accross 42nd Street? not easy. takes a professional or at the very least a very intense mommy who is NOT MISSING HARRY) I ran inside, got my jr Mints and the show STARTED!

Wow, what a show. We were 3 rows from the stage. I could see the mikes and the spit and everything. (Broadway stars apparently spit when they are projecting...I've never sat this close before.) The show was awesome. Great songs (I had the CD already and my DD and I sing it enthusiastically.) Great singers, and of course Harry Connick playing the piano and singing and dancing! (Well, he can sing and play...he can't dance, but the other's could so he just sorta stood there and looked cute while they danced around him.) Nice arms...he had to come out at the end in just his PJ pants! Ooolala. We had special passes to the VIP lounge during the break. Free soda and a nice view and posh seats. And private bathrooms which is a good enough reason in it's self. At the end of the show, they auctioned off a watch he was was worth $8500 and the proceeds went to the Habitat for Musicians Villiage in New Orleans. The bidding was brisk (amazing the amount of money that floats around Manhattan). It ended when Alec Baldwin (we had better seats than HIM!) announced he would match the winning bid and they could keep the watch. Everyone gave him a standing ovation when the bidding ended at $17,500!

I then proceeded to have to sit on a cold hard toilet and use a manual breast pump so I didn't explode from the inside out. Manual pumps stink. But it made me feel a little better.

THEN we went to the private party with the cast. Harry was playing with his band from New Orleans. Waiters were circulating with yummy things and to DIE FOR desserts. Was fun to see the cast dressed as normal people. We almost didn't recognize most of them. We drank pelligrino and stood on the 6th floor balcony outside and looked at the lights. I met Harry (briefly) and he signed my playbill. yea!

We stayed until the end of the set and then found a pedicab outside. (A bicycle with a little double seat wagon that is pulled by a human. I much perfer this to the horses doing it because I feel sorry for the horses.) We had him take us all around times square like tourists and we enjoyed the lights and the nice weather and just BEING ALONE TOGETHER. All in all a great night.

Thanks honey, I really enjoyed it. I will remember it always.

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LadyBoyd said...

SQUEEEEE! and WOOOOTTTT! and DOUBLE SQUEE WITH WOOT SAUCE! :-) You said you were starting it, but Never Sent Me the Link (Im sure that was probably intentional. but. HA! I found you).

Still recovering from the sorrowful "lash"ing I received, but it looks to be a good day ahead. :-)

Im so glad you had so much fun with Harry! Wheee! Wish I could have been there... course, that would kind of have spoiled your big date, having your sis along. hehe.