Wednesday, June 21, 2006 is an honest to goodness record of my Weight Watchers experience. I lost the weight nicely and easily with my DD on Weight Watchers. So, now I am going to do the same with my son. I will sign up today. June 21, 2006. I will enter my official weight here. I never tell anyone how much I weigh. It scares me. But oh well, no one reads this anyway. :-)

It was worth it. 3 years of infertility treatments and extremely hard pregnancies (and losses of other pregnancies) got me the two gorgeous kids I have. But it took an EXTREME toll on my body. I used to be pretty...thin and curvy and had great hair. Now...not so much. I'm really struggling with my body image right now. I look in the mirror and at pictures and I want to throw up. Literally. Body image has never been my strong point. But at least I knew I could look decent if I wanted to. Now, I feel like that isn't even a possibility. Its like a fat, pale stranger took over my body the last few years. I was on bedrest for a total of 20 weeks during my two pregnancies. Strict bedrest. 10 minutes a day for showers. Thats it. No wonder I'm a fat slob.

Ok, enough! I WILL get back to looking good in my jeans. More importantly, I will get back to feeling like I can walk or run or even do a sit up or two. I want to feel strong and healthly. Something I haven't felt in a long time.

Ok, here are the before pictures. Gross, no?

I will write my stats when I get back from joining WW.