Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Tomorrow is my first weigh-in after starting Weight Watchers. I was doing so well until today. Today I ate a Cannoli. Strangely enough, I have never eaten a cannoli in my entire life. Why? Who knows. I think I tasted one and didn't like the filling. Well, Dad S. (who is the empowerer of my fatness) brought real (I'm talking 1st generation Queens Italians here) cannoli and tiramisu. I cut off a piece to give my daughter. I was not going to have any. Then I tasted the little bit that got on my hand. OH MY GOODNESS. That was some of the best stuff i have ever had. Really Really good. So I proceeded to eat the rest of the huge, fat, oozing cannoli. I hope it didn't blow the last few day worth of being good.

I have seen a bunch of houses lately. We are moving and will only have 1 free weekend between now and then. We are torn between trying to buy a beat up old house that needs pretty much everything done to it and just renting a nice one. My mom thinks I'm out of my mind for even considering a house that needs $300,000+ worth of work done to it. But that seems to be the type of house we fall in love with. The house was home to a bride in the early 1920s. She just left (still alive) at 108 when her daughter finally convinced her to move in with her. Isn't that great? What is not so great is the house hasn't been touched much since. Except by water and various natural things. It has wonderful mouldings and chair rails and a kitchen with what I think must have been the stuff BEFORE formica. (Think bright red with streaks. Andy would love it. I think they make cars out of it now) We will see. I'm taking the biggest critics I know to see it tomorrow. If they can't convince me it is a hell-trap, no one can.

I should go to bed. Both of my kids are sleeping. I should dye my hair and put on my whitening strips and fix my toenail where the nasty stroller bit it off while I was backing out of the hind end of my car while son was wailing and daughter was booing and I was trying to fix the car seat. I dont think im going to do any of it. Maybe a shower. That might not be too hard. :-)