Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well, I did it. I started WW. Here are my beginning stats...

Weight: 183.6
Height: 5'7 .5 (I round up to 5'8)

Bust: 44"
Waist: 39"!!!
Hips: 44"
Right Upper Arm: 12 1/4"
Right Upper Thigh: 26.5 "

OUCH! That hurt. Coming from someone who used to be a 38-27-36. Sucking in my waist could go down to a 23 or less. Sigh. Two babies and a lot of Haagan Daz took care of that. My back and stomach muscles are shot.

But now its time to look forward and not backward. I have the opportunity to get in REALLY good shape. I even slept 6 hours last night so Im ready for it!

Wish me luck oh ye internet Gods...

Here is my least fav. picture of my fatty/post James

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