Saturday, June 24, 2006

You know you are on Weight Watchers when:

1. You have been craving a Dairy Queen blizzard with chocolate syrup, chocolate chip cookie dough and oreos. (oooohhh, my favorite concoction. one of the main reasons i HAVE to loose this weight. I was on bedrest and only allowed to go to the Dr.'s office 2 xs a week. Dairy Queen is RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOCTOR. :-) But instead of eating Dairy Queen, you chow down on "lite cool whip" with chocolate syrup all over it. Actually not too bad.

2. You push yourself too hard on your run/walk. You end up puking in the bushes and seeing stars. (The 99% humidity and vitamin probably didnt' help. Prenatal vitamins taste lousy coming back up even when you arent pregnant. Just a note.)

3. You try to figure out how many points a garlic clove has in it. Garlic OIL has 4 points, but surely a garlic clove is a vegetable, right? Then its NO POINTS, right?

4. You stare in the mirror after being in WW for exactly 3 days, convinced you MUST HAVE LOST SOMETHING because this is damn hard.

5. You drink some soda quickly trying to help your stomach feel better, then you panic when you realize it was 2 points!

6. The things you think about before you fall asleep are chocolate cake, doritos, blizzards (see above) and nice things to eat.

Sigh. I hope this gets easier.

Another piece of news (for my one devoted reader...heheheh) looks like we might be moving in August. We got a good offer on the house. We never get too excited, but it seems like it might go through. Now, where to live?

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LadyBoyd said...

WOW! Im glad you finally got an offer... We will need to step up our efforts to get my crap out of your basement though... :-)