Monday, July 10, 2006

Well, the pretty house below just didn't work out. We had it inspected, and it leaked from top to bottom...literally. The top roof tiles were shot down to the below grade cement in the basement and the pipes had holes. It was a mess. The boiler worked for 1 minute, made a big bang and shut off. The windows are summer windows and storm a house. Even the front door was warped and leaking. Did I mention it didn't have a fridge? Not even a place for one. The fridge would have to go out in the mud room. Just too much for us to do right now with a almost3yearold and a 3 month old baby.

So now we are back to square one. looking. looking....

do we rent? is that the smart move? do we buy so we aren't paying some one else's mortgage? i dunno. its all so expensive and it just seems like going backwards to live in an apartment.

im a mess, my house is a mess, my kids are a bit of a mess. sigh.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Well, yesterday we got back from TN.

We had a great time, but it was short and very busy!

I got a stomach flu/ sore throat that lasted about 20 hours. The bad news is that Steven had to stay home from work, the good news is that since I was so sick I did okay in my weigh in.

I lost 2 lbs. But I have to admit it was probably more a function of the flu than being good. Oh well, whatever works.

I'm posting because I am avoiding doing my packing. I hate moving. Sigh.