Monday, August 21, 2006

My life is insane. I have been traveling, with a 4 month old and a 3 year old for the better part of a month. Literally. And the few days that we were home, we packed, moved and sold our house. My kids don't know where we are, where they will sleep, where the next meal is going to be eaten. But they seem in remarkably good spirits.

Right at this moment there is peace. Quiet. I'm at my parents in Michigan and everyone is asleep but me. I finished my first round of writing for MediMedia, and wow. I actually enjoyed stretching my brain a little, but writing a LOT of about things one knows NOTHING about is challenging. Especially on a 2 week deadline in which you move, take care of your kids, stay with your inlaws and fly half way across the country ALONE with 2 babies, and then stay with family. Perhaps a little more than I should have taken on at that time, but wow, I DID IT! Hopefully it didn't stink.

I went to a BUCKLE store today! Yea, only my fav. store of all time now. My sister turned me onto it and I absolutely adore it. I want to take the whole site for myself so NO ONE ELSE CAN WEAR THEM. My sis has the bestest jacket in the whole world. I tried to steal it but she found me out. Sigh. I asked her to find me one and she couldn't. Sigh. I have talked about that jacket for months now. I tend to get obsessive about things. But the store was fun, and I surprised my Mom by buying her a jacket she saw and wanted and leaving it on her bed. I like doing things like that.

I've been picking out the color scheme for the new house. Lots of fun, but involves very intense thought. Im not even joking, I have probably put about 20 hours of thought into it. But im close now. Very close. :-)

I should go to bed now. I should...but I think I will go troll the buckle site for a few minutes.

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LadyBoyd said...

...aaaannnnndddd.... guess who gets to edit it this week?! :-) I'll send em back to you marked up if you want to see them. Just let me know! If not... no worries. I already know they're purty darn good.

And you STILL can't have my jacket. ESPECIALLY since hubband accidentally shrank my other blazer by drying it in the dryer on high heat...