Saturday, August 05, 2006

oh dear goodness...

we are moving in like 3 days and I like to pretend that ITS JUST NOT HAPPENING.

we are committed to BUYING a MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE. that alone scares the bejeebees out of me. that sounds like an awfully lot of money and its a good house, even a very nice one but it is by no means a mansion or new and its right accross the street from a school. ny is crazy.

i dont want to go on vacation. i just got back. i want to be home where i can recharge a little and relax a little and maybe cook dinner. cook dinner? what's that? I have 3 plates and 1 skillet. my daughter knows how to order from a waiter and give back menus and asks which fork to use. we are creating a monster.

sigh. my watch STILL hasn't turned up.

but i have started on this house's inspiration book.

i started lists in it. I HATE plastic. Plastic forks in particular. I LOVE white fluffy towels. but who does not really?

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