Saturday, September 16, 2006

life is stressful.

Reasons why:
We are between houses. Stuff in one, in the driveway, in the basement, just not in the rooms. Sleeping with 2 babies in one bedroom of a crowded apt. with 1 bathroom. 4 adults, 2 kids and a dog. I had a fluish thing yesterday and no one cared. Not one person said "i'm sorry you feel like crap and are taking care of two kids.". I have a deadline in 3 days and no time to do it. I have floors that are not dry for 2 days now. I have 25 pounds that need to go bye bye and we subsist on tacobell, pizza and chinese food. My thyroid is all out of whack and i have no time to go to the dentist, the dr., etc. I dont think people realize how crappy I still feel after bedrest and childbirth and IVF, etc. My body just isn't back to normal and I get sick and tired so much easier. But I feel like they think I'm complaining if I say I'm tired or sick. We are in the midst of tearing out a bathroom that we were just going to take the wallpaper off. Husband thinks its all my fault. BLEECH.

Ok, must think of reasons why life is good.
We have a house we like, even love. It's getting close to being done. Kids are remarkably well adjusted and healthy even though life has been hell for 2 months. Poor Girl is still not out of diapers or paciy, but I can't push one more thing on her. Husband still says he loves me. :-) Even though we need to find time for each other.

I need a shower. Perhaps that will help. Of course, I have no clean clothes to put ON after the shower, but who cares? :O

It stopped raining, which is a plus.
I miss my friends and sister, I need some destressors in life. I feel overwhelmed right now. I know it will get better soon.

I hope.

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LadyBoyd said...

Oh sweetie... you need a spa week! I hope things start to settle down soon for you so you can at least get a routine going with the kids and get some better rest. Im worried about you being so tired and already not feeling well. :-( Know that you are very loved and very missed. We're trying to get me out still for a weekend before 2-3 days in the office so hopefully I can come whisk some of that stress away very soon. TCOU Bug...You're the bestest twin I could ask for and the bestest mama your children could ever have asked for.