Monday, October 23, 2006

Bloody Hell. (That is my favorite expression that I try HARD not to use in front of my kids. but I like it.)

I've been wasting an enormous amount of time in front of this computer doing NOTHING I am supposed to. Nothing. I have read blogs, and rummaged around Ebay, and done bloody hell nothing at all. Its now after midnight. sigh.

My house looks like a mad train went through it. Not a nice, straight train that would cause only damage in its wake. No siree, its a MAD train that went in concentric circles all around dropping bits of stuff everywhere. "Isn't that a FINE idea" this mad train said to itself (otherwise known as my family), "let's just drop stuff wherever we remove it and let it lie there forever".

I MUST write one, at least one, tonight. I will not go to bed until then.

Tip of the Day (yes, this one is for you dear reader): If you have WAY too many family photos and you want to make some display sense of them, try these tips:
1. Go to a discount or craft store and buy all the same frames. They dont have to be EXACTLY the same, just the same look. (Gold, Silver, Dark wood, whatever, just the same)
2. Pick a few (I SAID FEW) areas of your house to display family photos. I generally don't like to put them out in the areas we use for entertaining. That is what nice photo albums are for (yes, in my dreamland, they are all nicely in beautiful photo albums, but at least try to keep 2 if you like to show off pics). We currently are going to use our upstairs hall for our gallery. It's okay to have a couple of places, just don't hodgepodge them all over the house in various nooks and crannies and in all different frames.
3. Create a gallery. Use your "sameframes" (see #1) and place them in a pleasing collection on the wall. Scan and reprint if need be to get them to similar sizes. If hanging less than 7, use odd numbers. If more, go for the grid with even. (If you are me, I am going to use 20, and rescan them all to black and white.)
4. In the bedroom (or if you MUST put snapshots in the common rooms), pick a couple of simple, quality frames. Then swap out the display pictures regularly. I use two 8 x 10 thick dark wood frames in our bedroom and change the kid's pictures as I get new ones. That way I have my darlings there, but am not overwhelmed with them. I also get the pictures for these frames in Sepia usually.

Ok, Thats it for tonight. If only I didn't have to sleep and everyone else did. THEN I might stand a chance of getting everything done in life that I want to. I'm feeling kind of repressed creatively. I got a new camera today, I can't wait to play with it. I also just want to paint, and draw and go outside and shoot some artsy shots of my babies. I just have no time. I think that is what I am going to ask for my 30th birthday. TIME! (I wish) No, I am going to find a arty class once a week and ask DH to please take the babies that night. I really need an outlet to fulfill that part.

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