Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ok, in the spirit of what my sister is doing (on her blog, she is giving tips) I am going to give tips about what I know about...which I am going to limit to 3 categories that I think I'm pretty good at. (Being a Mom, Graphic Arts, & Home Design) Since I have approximately 1 loyal reader, its going to be of course more for me than anyone else. But it's good to put it all together.

But first, things I want to remember today:
1. The way my son's cheek felt when he fell asleep on my shoulder. I kissed his cheeck and just held my mouth there and closed my eyes and tried to remember the baby softness, the joy of a little body, his tiny arms around me and exactly how good he smelled. THAT is the reason to be a mom...the indescribable potential gathered close to you.

2. That my daughter loves me so much it impresses her. That's great. I don't know if I blogged about it, but I love that.

3. That today my daughter starts ballet. She is no longer a baby, but a little girl with dreams and she gets scared of the dark and monsters and is way too much like her mommy in that she scares herself in her head far more than anything OUT of her head. I can't wait to see her in that little tutu. (MUST GO GET CAMERA)

4. I dont want to forget how excited i was when i found out I was pregnant. That wonderful buzzzzz and excitment and scared. I don't intend to ever BE pregnant again, so I want to remember.

5. I want to remember the way my husbands green eyes shine and his dimples come when he is happy and smiling right into my face. I am beginning to see small lines, and more stuble and a little age showing...but it honestly makes him more appealing. We have been together since we were teenagers, and I still feel that little "KICK" in my heart sometimes when he looks at me. THAT, I dont' want to ever forget or loose.

6. The way my son nurses very early in the morning, snuggling that little body right up to mine and putting his hand on my arm. He closes his eyes and just sighs with contentment when he snuggles down. I usually end up very uncomfortable, but its still the best thing in the world, and honestly the only reason I am still nursing.

7. My little girl's elfin face. When she is laughing and giggling and looking at me, her little cheecks are perfect. Just perfect. And her little ears are round, and her hair is wavy and all around her face in ringlets. There is NO more beautiful girl in the world. I actually see myself as more beautiful because I can see some of my features in her.

8. The warm feeling of my dog. At night when im tired and reading a magazine or a good book...just the simple company of another being in the quiet. And to know that being the center of that world is a good thing.

Thats for now. Just the top of my head. I need to stop. think. appreciate. my life goes by too fast, and I collapse in tiredness at the end of the day. I need to just remember every detail because it all happens too fast. I was telling my husband that we should hire someone to follow us aroudn with a camera so we could have these days.

Ok, quick tip for the day:
- Since I am a southern lady, I believe that it's nice sometimes for my husband to come home to a good meal. If I have not had time to get started and I hear him coming, I throw something in a skillet with olive oil. Onions are the best, but if you are REALLY late, just put in some onion flakes and roasted garlic...then some bread. Brown the bread and then mix up a can of mushroom soup and pour over top. This takes literally about 5 minutes and I haven't met a man yet that didn't like it. Steamed veggies (or raw if you are REALLY pressed for time) completes a fairly decent meal. Grate some cheese over top if you aren't "reducing". Serve whatever juice/water/ sparkling thing you have in nice glasses, even if you are eating off of paper plates. The things you place in your mouth should NOT be plastic or paper in my opinion. Most of all, greet him with a kiss and say "Welcome home, I am so glad to see you". Even when I am upset or not happy, I try and do that. It says that they mean enough to you for you to stop and recognize that they are there. Watch yourself, do you do that for your loved ones? Recognize that they are there? I know I didn't until I actually made a point of it.

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