Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"The primary findings of this study are that the stimulant
MPH and the selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor
ATX have similar effects on cortical inhibition (SICI) in
children with ADHD, and that the dopamine transporter
influences the neurophysiological effects of both medications.
SICI, a measure of cortical inhibitory activity that is
reduced in ADHD (Moll et al., 2001) and correlates inversely
with ADHD symptom severity"

Make sense to you? Yeah, me either. Problem is, this is my job to not only UNDERSTAND, but to regurgitate (what a word) it out into a small, neat, understandable abstract that Doctors (specialists with Many Many years of training) will like to read and understand. So, that means that I (without the Many Many years of training) will take something long and hard to understand and make it short and interesting for specialists. Oi. The good part is that I feel very smart and accomplished when I finish my packages, the bad part is that I feel very stupid and overwhelmed while I'm doing it.

What a bad night last night. I went to sleep at 2am, which isn't that bad...but then husband snored and tossed and turned and muttered and yanked covers, and then baby got up at 4am and tossed and turned and yanked covers, then the girl got up at 7am and "read stories" in our bed loudly. I just didn't sleep more than 45 minutes at a time, and the sleep I got was perched on the corner of the bed. Oi. Such is the life.

A good note, I bought the Dyson is freakin awesome. This thing gets out dirt from like 1999. Well, maybe not that long (we bought the carpets last year) but it gets out HUGE amounts of scary stuff. Love it.

On a bad note, the carpenter said that the beams UNDER the bathroom we are working on are rotten. Does that mean that the NEW PIPES have to be removed for them to be fixed? We have already removed the brand new floor to get at the rotten pipes. Oi.

The good news? My daughter told me she "loves me so much she is impressed". I love it. That has to be one of my favorite quotes yet.

More good news? Coffee exists. Thank God.

Bad news? All the hard work I'm writing on is not getting paid. Sigh. It's hard to keep doing stuff that is so difficult and not get any money out of it.

Just news...Steven got a new assignment, better money but longer hours including some Sundays. He will be working 60+ hours a week. OUCH. I just love being a single parent sometimes, but I know we will ge through this. I have to do my part when he is working so very hard. I'm hoping that God will send us a great investment opportunity. And no hubby dear, it's not the racehorse you wanted to buy half of. (Buying Horse semen, HELOO, NOT A GOOD INVESTMENT unless you really really know what you are doing. Although after all these Gene studies and several years of IVF you would think I did. hehehe.) My DH has the soul of a gambler as they say. All part of his charm, but thank goodness he is also a christian and we do not live anywhere near Vegas.

Dont you hate it when something is on backorder and you really really want it? I had convinced myself that I could just find something as good but I cant. So i wait. BAH! Hate waiting!

The boy has taken to LOVING toys and has 7 official teeth. 7. Before six months. Rack 'em up, James is taking his little world by storm. He also screams MAMA, which I take to mean me.

My world is funny, confusing, loving, tiring, frustrating and absolutely beautiful with these little babies and a wonderful husband. (Whom I might add, had his Yankees win the first game of the post season. uh, yea?)

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