Friday, December 29, 2006

My "Chur-a-kah" (turkey) Done in a AMAZING new recipe I dreamed was stuffed with onions and tangerines, and smothered in butter...then baseted with martinellis, then glazed with apriocot jam...and i broiled it on low for the last 10 minutes so it was crispy and sweet

Cheers! (we all 12 fit)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our Family (click on pics to see more detail)

My Gorgeous Boy - 8.5 months

My Beautiful Girl...its all about the pose - 3.5 years

We had a great and wonderful Happy Christmas.

It was everything a Family New England should be(and isn't that really the standard, even for a southerner like me)?

- We had 12 people nicely spaced around a big old brick house, with the coffee and popcorn and fireburning around the clock...
- we went to a stone church built in 1846 for midnight services and ended it in candlelight on christmas eve,
- we had a big brunch and a bigger dinner, we got silly presents, and some expensive ones thrown in...
- the children got so much they couldn't sleep right for days...
- santa visited (on a firetruck, apprently a new england thing) and scared Grace and excited James...
- we've talked and laughed and taken mucho pictures...
- we went to one of the most exclusive restaurants in NYC (the four seasons)...
- we went to radio city music hall christmas spectacular (in which James shook his hands and screamed in delight, if he isn't a famous linebacker, he might be a dancer or santa anyway)...
- we walked though rockefeller center late at night and heard the bells of st. patricks as we gazed on the huge tree...

aside from the fact that I have a nasty cold, we are having an awesome christmas.

i will post more later, but here is one of my boy, having an excellent time...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I should be working...I should be writing and doing things that need to be done. Instead I'm pondering all kinds of stuff.

Things I want to do in the next oh, 20 or so years :-)

1. I want to have a Gallery Show. Real paints and prints and such. I will do this even if I have to rent the D$#% thing out myself. hahah, I hope. This, of course would require having time to BE creative and all that jazz. I find it bubbling up here and there, and it will come. I can feel it.

2. I want to make a book. Books are one of my first and most enduring loves. So, I will make my own book. It might be a childs book, it might be a home design book, it might be a (bad) poetry book, it might be a photography book. I dunno yet, but I will put it together and publish it here: That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my whole life. You can make your own, really great looking book. Hot.

3. In my big dreams I am an interior designer. But who, what, how? I dunno. I have been slowly moving toward my "next" career phase and I feel like it might have something to do with design.

Friday, December 08, 2006

At 30 years old, I am:
- A Mom. With a capital "M". Full into Mommy duties. I feel like I am finally IN my life, and not waiting for it. I have two little souls who are the center of my thoughts, and the reason for most of the things I do. And sometimes I worry that I am short with them and not loving and encouraging enough. I need to stop more moments and listen to my daughter tell me WHAT that imaginary (stuffed) rabbit Cumberlowe is up to (they have a phone relationship), and to hold my giant 8 month old son...just hold him and remember what he feels like.
- A Wife. For almost 10 years now. I've been a good one, and sure, sometimes a bad one. I have gone from being a spoiled and scared 20 year old who was concerned because this busy new world was way too hard to figure out to a slightly more wiser 30 year old woman who knows exactly where my priorities home with my family. I'm working not not expecting as much as partnering. To let my needs and wants be known, and to work on a plan so that they get met, but don't override my partners.
- A daughter and grand-daughter. I'm learning to not be so much a child in this relationship, but to be a caretaker also. The circle of life continues, our parents become our friends, and our grandparents become our responsibility. That is what makes a full and content life, understanding and knowing that you have a role in other's lives. A role to support them, love them, nurture's not just for them to do for you as was done in the childish past. One big and important thing I have learned from my husbands family is support. I honestly never knew the european idea of family and I think that Americans are cheating themselves. We have our kids, give them to others to raise (not my parents thankfully), boot them out the door at 18, then spend our later years in a "old folks home" because we have taught them that their lives should be too busy to center around their family. We are also a nation that moves...we don't keep our family around us anymore. Our options are almost too open. What is really the most important thing? Because of medical issues in our family this year we have really had to pull together. Be there. It's important.
- A Christian. I'm still working on my definition of this, and I don't spend enough time on it. But here is what I've figured out:
"This is what the Lord requires of Thee, Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with thy God." I try and think on that every single day.

Ok, this rambling will continue...I've got a dirty, cranky baby screaming "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA!!!"