Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Its the new year, and as usual I'm inspired to MAKE SOME CHANGES (any change, any? heheh) (can you make a baby an addict to goldfish?)

I always like shaking things up around the house, reorganizing, redecorating, etc. That being said, I've noticed that I will spend 5 hours cleaning my house for a party, 1 hour getting my kids ready in expensive, cordinating outfits, 20 minutes carefully considering what my husband will wear and approximately 10 minutes throwing something on myself and brushing my hair. Luckily, I've worked (and need MORE work) on getting together some niceish accessories, so I usually am not embarrasing, but not really great either. (With the exception of my hat I wore to church, I'm bringing Glamour back, timerlake style, hahah, anyway.)

The whole point of that long winded rant was that I need to pay attention a little more to me. I'm ALMOST there in loosing the baby weight. About another 10 (might be 15 after holidays) pounds and I will be good. I need to get some exercise, I need to figure out how that is possible with my kids. Usually I just blow it off because I feel that I can't with the two of them. I want to do some more creative things to give my brain an outlet. (Its getting challenged by my work...when people ask me what I do, I say, well, I'm a graphic designer, but now I work part time as a medical writer and I stay home with my kids...they usually look fairly confused.)

I want to get the house in great, organized style. I want there to be little bins for the gloves, and little bins for the socks (i need more decent socks, most of mine have holes in the toes that poke out when they make you take your shoes off on the mats at playtime and its bad people), BINS FOR EVERYONE! I'm a big fan of baskets and bins. I just haven't figured out where people put their stuff without them. I dont' remember having bins and baskets growing up, but where did the stuff go? Maybe we just have more stuff. I'm also in the process of setting up my husband's closet in one of our guest rooms. He has been squireling away clothes in the attic for months now and its DARN scary up there. Makes it hard to put together those dashing outfits I was talking about quickly.

I want to book time for ME to get a mani/ pedi at least once a month, and time to do personal grooming at home, and time to exercise, and I think some electrolosis sometime this year. I need to find a great dermatologist...I've had my babies, now it's time to get myself back in fighting shape. I want my beach bod back, even better than it was.

This year I want to snow ski at least once, and maybe even take a SCUBA dive. Is that asking too much?

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