Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well, I SHOULD be cleaning up the playroom know, putting the toys away, sweeping up the half gummed cheerios, old fruit, and graham cracker dust so the little "beasties" (I'm talking about mice, not kids) dont eat them in the night. I hope we dont have beasties (mice, not kids) down there. I put off cleaning it up last night because JOY** thats the reason to have a playroom where you can just shut the door. But LO, we are having ANOTHER playdate tomorrow and the playroom (where they will wreck havoc and destruction) must be clean for them to start in. No, my daughter does (or husband for that matter) does not understand this, but BAH! it is my way. Also, this person (the adult) has never seen my new house in all it's prettyness, so i must clean. AND I bought new organizers to organize my gift and bathroom stuff (yes, those go together) closet. Oh joy. And today was the day I'm supposed to clean my floors, but I spent almost 3 fun hours (where they have lots of furry things that I am allergic to, I actually broke out in a lovely rash by the time I got home) at the vet instead. They loaded my dog up with various stuff and I hope she will stop itching soon. I have to give my dog AND my son antibiotics morning and evening, and drops in both of their ears. (All four) Im just praying I don't mix up their antibiotics and ear drops. And also that ear infections aren't catching because we are still winning by majority at not getting them. So, the floors must be done, and the sheets are supposed to be changed and washed on Fridays, but MY GOD, we make a lot of laundry. I did 4 loads yesterday, dried, folded and put away. But there are probably another couple waiting already.

I'm tired, my knee hurts.

But, two good and funny things today:
1. We got the first snowflakes of the season. My daughter said "Look Mommy, the snowbugs are outside". I'm like, huh? SNOWBUGS? I think you mean "Snowflakes". "No Mommy, those are snowbugs if you look real close". Snowbugs. Thanks for the visual kid!
2. I put my son in a snowsuit that has foldyoverhands (flaps that come up and cover their hands so they dont need gloves). So, I put him in it for the first time and of course wrestle him becaues HE MUST CHEW ON THAT HAND. LIKE NOW. So he pops it out of the other side (flap down) and starts to bring the covered hand up to his mouth. Then he sees that "THERE IS NOT A HAND THERE ANYMORE". He makes this terrified/ horrified face and starts babbling in terror at me. LOOK MOMMY! My hand is GONE! WOMAN! What did you do with it. I started laughing so hard I literally had to take him off the changing table and sit down. He was so upset about it.

Well, im off to clean up the beastie-food (1st babies, then mice-ies, ugh!)

Oh, and my poor hubby is feeling kinda sick. I hope he steams his bad beasties (flu and cold ones) out.

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