Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chocolate. It has been taking up way too much of my eating time lately. Ugh...I think I need to throw the whole bunch of it away. You know what is strange (well, uh, ONE of the things?) when I was pregnant with my son, I would wake up from any kind of nap with the strongest urge for DARK, BITTERSWEET chocolate right that very moment. REALLY needed it, and would consume an entire chocolate bar from TJ in seconds. The craving isn't as strong, but that is still my favorite time to eat chocolate.

Well, last night we made it! I was a little nervous to babysit my two fine nephews with my two little ones. Becoming a parent of one was SUCH a life changing thing for me...then it took me a little while before I felt comfortable to keep two beings safe. But FOUR? Holy Cow batman, was that even possible? (Yes, I know mothers have more than two children, and some even have 4 children all the same age, and they survive, but I wasn't entirely sure it was not against the laws of nature.) But, we did it! heheh, and it was fun and they all went to bed and didn't scream and cry and inflict bodily harm on themselves. Jax and Grace played outside ALONE, like real little kids. They didn't need me to be holding their hand so they wouldn't stumble...they enjoyed stumbling...and they were okay. This is a realitively new concept to me, so I dash back and forth peering out the windows. But aside from Jack coming in with un-identifiable (sorry nic)wet spots on his back, and Grace having them on HER back (what?) UNDER their coats which were NOT wet, and no, it wasn't sweat...they had a grand time. Jake marched around and around, yelling UH-OH and banging things together. James tried his best to keep up, but I think they got dizzy. Jake actually, very contentedly let Uncle "Beez" hold him for 20 minutes while they read the paper. It was a calm and fun day/ night, and they all lived and were clean and happy when they went to sleep. With perhaps the exception of Jake who threw the paci I tried to give him instead of nursing on the floor with a HOWL. But he cried for less than a minute, so I think he was actually okay too. They are all becoming real little people. Its a joy to see, and a little scary.

I have zero willpower today. I SHOULD be dashing about doing many things, and I just do not want to. I want to be LAZY. Its so not in my DNA to be that way (without guilt). I dont know if its the catholic, the irish, or the womanly (wink) upbringing, but I just find it very hard to let myself be lax. That's not to say that I don't, just that I feel guilty. I also feel guilty about the 5 chocolates I just ate. heheh. Loosing weight is almost impossible for me in the late winter. I have absolutely no willpower for that either.

So, wasn't this the most boring post in the world. Oh well, life is such sometimes, eh?

Some family health problems going on right now, please keep prayers coming this way.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh, the life and times...we have been sick as dogs. Why do people say "sick as dogs"? My dog is rarely sick? Strange, eh? Also the whole "parking on the driveway, driving on the parkway thing", I can get stuck on these things for HOURS baby.

BUT, inspired by Amalah, here are 6 weird things you may or may not know about me...considering who reads this, you probably DO know about me.

1. I like to put a full face of makeup on when I'm up really late sometimes, this also being unusual because I rarely WEAR a full face of makeup. I think I look somehow more "poetic" when I'm tired, and a nice dose of red lipstick and some kickin eyeshadow usually vamps up the energy for a few moments anyway. And yes, I carefully and fastidiously wash it all off before I go to bed. I ALWAYS wash my face before I go to bed. Even through many months of bedrest I would toddle to the bath for a teeth and face fix quickly.

2. I'm a hypochrondiac. I have the stomach's lasting too long, I've obviously got a twisted intestine and/or blockage. A bit of an itch? A full blown UTI (which I have never had) kid has a slight fever? It's menengitis. I spend several hours researching all the symptoms and nodding sagely with each. What is slightly amusing and kinda sad is that every serious medical issue I have actually had, I pretty much missed. It didn't even occur to me that a very serious problem I had with my placentas was what was life threatening when I gave birth until 9 months after my SECOND kid. Smart, eh?

3. I have to read before I can fall asleep. HAVE to. Sick, throwing up, full on fever, there is nothing a few pages of Victoria cannot fix. Which leads me to number 4.

4. I have almost every magazine that Victoria put out. I'm missing 2. I was missing 1, but it dissapeared in the move. What makes this truly a bit odd is that I read them regularly, but ONLY in the month they are meant for. (I'm reading Feb now) I NEVER skip ahead or behind...and I read it usually every single night. I'm a bit manic about these magazines, so if you see one casually strewn aroud my house, do NOT put your cup, clothes, book or such on top or even near it.

5. I'm a world class procrastinator mixed in with a type A personality. If I'm hot about something it has to be done NOW NOW NOW and MY WAY BUDDY. If I don't feel the slightest bit good, or just have done it one to many times, or just don't want to do it...I will find every possible thing to do instead. I spend far more time avoiding it and smaltzing around it than I probably would have actually just biting the bullet. Well, my husband is never bored.

6. One of my favorite movies is Wally Sparks...crude, stupid, immature yep. makes me laugh every single time...yep. Hate all the rest of his movies, they are RIDICULOUS!

My kids are tired, and the time has come to put the little buggers to bed. It's hard being the only parent around a lot of the time. I know I've complained about it to death, but this having my husband gone all the time stinks even more when I'm sick. I've been puking at least once a day now for 5 days. If my boobs hurt I would think I was pregnant. No, I'm not. Quite sure on that one for all of you that just got excited. To be pregnant enough to be this sick I would have to have not had a normal cycle 2 weeks ago, and I did. And my boobs would be twice their size and really uncomfortable. So NAH! Just probably an intestinal blockage or something fun like that.