Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh, how the time flys.

It seems like I have no time or energy to post, but then when I do, I write a long one.

I'm in the middle of "detox". I was to the point where I was feeling "flu-like" every morning. So to get over it, I would take 2 advil or tylenol and a big cup of coffee. Then, I would be tired by 4pm, so I would have another big cup of coffee. I like coffee, can you tell? I was having problems sleeping, so I would take a little benedryl, or melatonin plus some sleepy-time tea. It wasn't a vicious cycle yet, but I didnt want it to become one. I wanted to feel good when I got up, rested, and not depend on anything to feel that way. I'm too young to not feel okay! Through several years of strong IVF meds, then strong meds in the hospital (that I was allergic to) have built up a toxicity level. My skin was breaking out again and other adrenal problems were popping back up.

It's time to get on a healthier path. I need more exercise, and to listen to my body. I want to be at a weight that I am happy with. I dont need to be skinny, but I need to be healthy. I need to loose about 10-15 pounds to be below 1st baby weight, and to where I was when I got married.

We are going to Vegas for our 10th anniversary (we are going to get married in a cheesy ceremony, have Elvis sing and the whole works). My goal is to be comfortable wearing a bikini on this post-two-babies-body. I have approximately 8 weeks. We shall see.

So, I'm starting with this very gentle cleanse. The hard part is the "diet" part, only melon in the morning, one protein and salad at lunch, and then only garden veggies at night. And olive oil. And a gallon of distilled water. Thats it. Its hard. But I can do anything hard for 10 days, right?

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