Tuesday, June 05, 2007


ponytails and bright eyes
watching for magic

forest-side shadows start their creep
accross the blades of dew
sprinkled to reflect
the fairies starting to wink-blink-shine

ponytails and crystal bells
to capture a flight of fancy

side-by-side companions
sure of magic, sure of life

A flight of memory for my life companion, my best friend. There are relationships that can only be explained as THERE. My sisterfriendtwin has been THERE. In my life, in my heart. Through the gigglegum and the nightbefores and the Icantbreathes. And she will be there. And so will I.


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LadyBoyd said...

my sisterfriendtwin
together forever
little girl women
with giggles and gum
in our hair and our hearts
With hands tight together
in the flesh or in spirit
She stands for the right
in my life.
Strong and courageous
Compassionate and silly
my sisterfriendtwin