Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"As Blogs go by..." (Or time...or they are one in the same.) If I sit down for a moment to read a friends blog, or a friend of a friends...or just some random link I got to from some random woman, I completely loose track of time. (Random in the extreme...my husband asked me last night who the cute little girl on my screen was, was it a friend of our daughter? I said, "oh, that was MissZ from a blogger mom who is really popular that I read occasionally. She just found out that she is pregnant, I'm so happy for her." My husband looks like I have a screw loose. This is a woman I have never met, who I never will (who is too darn popular that I wouldnt even at like BlogHer, which i will never go to). But you know what, I absolutely love the instant communities that you can find in cyberspace. I go to support groups for ladies with PCOS, chat boards for Christian Moms, message boards for sparklie addicts, and (yup) a few gossip sites. It's a complete world out there, and it just astounds me. It has grown so much since the good old days when the internet started and we could command a $10,000 raise by uttering the words WEB, HTML KEYWORD, and ONLINE STORE. It was good, I'm telling you. It's still good, but now its a part of everyone's daily life. I'm scared to death to think what it will be like when my kids are in their teens. Im still going to be "fingering" (an OLD internet term for searching to see who is online) people and they are going to think I'm basically using morse code. I guess such is the life of a parent, huh?

Im relaunching my freelance site. It should be up soon, check it out! www.desamisdesign.com. I have great plans to take over the world, but first I have to stop reading that Angelina is adopting! Brittney is a bad mom! uh, you know, the important news.

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LadyBoyd said...

tagged ya for a meme... check it out if you have time. 'course, it could be tough if you follow it with birth names. >evil chuckle<