Monday, October 22, 2007

Do Justly.
Love Mercy.
Walk Humbly.

I have been reflecting on this lately. In the context of "what does the Lord require of me"?

I go through the day so preoccupied with my children, my business, my home and my family. In making sure that the daily needs are met in those areas, I rarely have time to really think about what my Father in heaven wants me to do and be. I have been trying to consider ways that I could make it a part of my daily routine and life.

Do Justly. Does this mean to just be fair? To do what is right? I think it means to have a solid core of strengh, faith and belief to draw on. Wether the question is simple (no stealing) to a more complicated decision, we all make desicions based on our past experiences and our core of moral values. I think this speaks to having that core and having it be in line with God's way.

Love Mercy. This I think speaks most strongly to our interactions with others. Not to love putting ourselves first, but to love putting others first even in small ways. To remember to call a friend, to send flowers to brighten their day, to write a note to my grandmother, to send over a delivery of food for a family that has gone through loss. I think its remembering to live somehow in service of others and in service of Mercy. I was told once that I was God to my children. I didnt really understand at that time until I thought it through. They dont understand a concept of a heavenly father. They understand how I speak to them, how I react to their needs and calls for attention. If they know that I am interested in them, I am loving to them, then they will understand Love...and eventually on a greater scale.

Walk Humbly. I'm still figuring this one out. Obviously, it means to not think too much of ourselves, to give God the glory and trust in him to lead us through this great cosmic experiment that is called life. But how else can I "walk humbly" through my daily life? I'm not sure.

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Rachel said...

I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
Christina tagged you, I tagged her, I came to read you. Make sense? LOL>
Have a blessed day.