Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm cold...tired...and glad to be home.

I really like my house. It is a old, (1926) brick colonial with near perfect proportions. I would add a few things here and there, but overall I really enjoy it. It's funny how THIS place feels like home.

I however, don't really love the town we live in. We are thinking of moving somewhere in the next few years and we have to find a school that we really trust and like. I go back and forth because no school is perfect enough for my babies. I want a christian environment, I want kids that are mannerly and dont do drugs or curse, I want a learning environment that is top notch, and I want a broad scale education. I want them to teach to my kid's individual strengths, but have personalized attention for their weaknesses. Sigh. I'm not sure this exists, and if it does it costs like 27000 a year. no, that is not a typo, thats how much kindergarten costs in our area at the top schools.

My house looks like it blew up and its still xmas around here. We have almost no food in the house and im sleepy.

Oh well, it sounds like I'm mostly complaining today...but at least I went and got a sweater. Cashmere is a cure for a lot of ills.

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