Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year. (notice the capitals...) I love the start of a New Year. It means that a time to reflect, to plan, to make a conscious decision to take another step on my personal journey. I like to write reflections, but I absolutely do NOT make resolutions. I like to have goals, but I don't like to make them something that might make me feel guilty later.

This isn't going to be a long hard post...it is just going to be one of thanksgiving and quiet joy.

I love, and I am loved. I am fantastically secure in that love and it gives me the power to be a better woman. That fact alone makes this year a good one. I know that I have that in my corner and it makes this world not so scary. After 13 years together I still think my partner is a pretty interesting and great person. I like spending time with him, and value his thoughts.

I have two amazing children. I have gone through loosing 5 babies that I wanted very, very much. But I am blessed with two of the best, smartest, kindest, gorgeous babies that ever existed. Every single day of their lives I have marveled at them. Their ideas, their individuality. They are parts of those that I love wrapped up in their own incredible packages.

I have family who support me. Engage with me. I have a mother, father, in laws, brothers, sisters. God has brought them into my life at different times. I wasn't born with most of them, but I got them along the way. They are my lifeline to sanity and I wouldn't know how to make my life without them.

I have a faith that there is a God. I have faith that I do not Walk Alone. That is a great gift.

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