Friday, February 22, 2008

Ok! So, we have been so busy, and going here and going there and the house is on the market and ....


Yeah, pretty much what Amalah said. First trimester tired mixed with taking care of two children tired...mixed with the only things that sound good are french fries, cheese sandwhiches and the occasional soup. Really. Its pretty bad. Oh, and the puking, thats fun too.

On the good side, the baby is measuring on dates with a good, clear heartbeat of 167! hurrah! I'm starting to think that MAYBE there MIGHT be a baby? My DD likes to fixate on the fact that it MIGHT be here by halloween, and WHAT WILL IT WEAR?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Just in case you didn't notice the large bright rainbow colored thing at the might be official...we are expecting! I keep trying hard not to get TOO excited as those of you who know me know that I have lost 5 babies and kept 2. BUT, a lot of those were earlier-than-this losses...we have only gotten past this point once and not kept the baby. SO!!! We are calling it a win...for now anyway.

I saw the little bean and its heartbeat on Wednesday. I actually heart it's little heartbeat at 111 bpm. It was incredible that something the size of a grain of rice had a heartbeat that I could hear. Absolutely incredible.

So, I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm sometimes sick (like last night when I ordered a chef salad, no pig...and they gave me BOILED VEGETABLES ON TOP!!! Made me want to...well, you konw.) My sore...from the top to the bottom (literally, the bottom...PIO shots every night). I'm also happy.

One more bean to add to the family would be perfect. We are already so freakin blessed its scary. We have one of each who are of course, the epitome of what the most adorable, darling child should be. We are happy together, have been married for almost 11 years. And I still think he is darn cute. Even have a dog who helps me "incubate".

The hard things are just the usual stuff. We have our house on the market again. Yes, we are breeding gypsies (husband's term). It seems that whenever I'm puking, we are also trying to sell our house. But, this makes a lot of sense for us. But not easy.

It also occurred to me that perhaps it was time to find a babysitter. To go out with my husband occasionally while we don't have an infant. So...I'm looking for bonded, background checked, perfect angels with their PhDs in early childhood development. Oh, and that they only cost like $10 an hour. Yeah, so I'm still looking.

But whee! A new baby! Wouldnt that be fun?