Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do you remember what it was like to feel really passionate about your work (or what we wish we could do for work)? That spark that caught when you first did something that clicked in your brain? You just didn't care how long it took to get it done because it was something that engaged you...

I've felt that spark several times. When I was 13, my parents both worked in a small country hospital. I loved everything about the medical field. I loved that they were working for something so very important. I loved the investigative side...I imagined myself as a biomedical researcher or simply a pediatrician. Getting older (and several med-level chem classes later), I realized that medicine was something I COULD be very good at, but it would be almost to the exclusion of everything else. I wanted a LIFE, a family...other stuff in addition. I give the people going into the medical field so much respect, it is a long road.

Then, I discovered graphic design. Specifically, computer supported graphic design. This was back when Macs were the only possible way to SLOWLY design something, and the internet was in basic beta mode. My degree is in advertising, and it seemed liked such a fun thing. I have made a career of graphic design, and it still makes me happy to move the pixels around until they look "just right". When everything clicks together and it lines up, and the colors go, and it still.

When I started putting together a home, I started learning about interior design. I read (and still read) every magazine and book I could get on the subject. I find it facinating how many different styles exist, and how it can be put together to create a warm, inviting, peaceful home.

When I am feeling frustrated and bored, I am trying to evaluate how I can get back to those "sparks"...if that means creatively, personally, or spiritually...

Where do you find the sparks?

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