Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm in Memphis, TN waiting on my new niece hand and foot, and loving every minute of it. She is the most adorable little girl, and has stolen all of our hearts. She has 3 adults running around to make sure that she stays happy. But, as I tell my sister, she and the baby are only about half as much work as 1 toddler (and I have 2 with another baby on the way).

I'm feeling okay sometimes, sometimes not okay. I've enjoyed being here so much, but I miss my little stinkers so much. My daughter said that it would be good if I came home tomorrow, so maybe they miss me a little.

My new little bean is growing well, I can hear it's little heartbeat every night, so that makes me feel a little more secure.

I will be flying home tomorrow, hopefully we dont have the turbulence that we had last time on the way down. It made me S-I-C-K. Here is to a better flight.