Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm starting to feel better, I havent thrown up since Monday! Horray! At the worst point I was throwing up 6-10 times a day, and it really affected my spirit. I just was so tired and run down. But now things are better, so I'm happier. Also, today is supposed to get to 70 degrees! I love warm weather and absolutely despise cold weather. Of course, it will get back down into the 40s this weekend, so I am going to enjoy today. I was upset, they put chemical fertilizer in our yard before I could stop them. I dont like that stuff, and I really dont like my babies playing in it.

My son's birthday party went really well this weekend, we had 23 kinds there, with a total of 50 people! It was a little of a mad house, but he seemed to have a blast. His favorite things in the world are cars and "boons" (balloons) so we had a race car theme, my husband even built a ramp outside and we covered the house with 5 dozen balloons. I even decorated my first cake, it was very cute. (My sister does them semi-professionally, so she had done them all before.) I will try and post a picture when my BIL gets my camera back to me.

I need to clean out all the closets and drawers in the house. I just can't get anything into any of them. In my drawers/closet I have sizes 6 to maternity...and I can't find anything to wear. I need to go through everything and pack up the regular clothes until well after baby bean arrives. I guess I wasn't sure this baby was going to make it, so I didnt want to put the clothes away. But I'm 15 weeks today, so in a few weeks I will be halfway there (for me). I think I'm ready to MAYBE put the regular clothing away for a little while. I also bought some pretty maternity it just needs to get warm enough to wear them.

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