Friday, April 11, 2008

To you, my son...

I never really knew what joy a little boy could bring to his mama.  I never knew how sweet a sticky head can be that is laid on your arm for just ONE QUICK MOMENT before he is off to play.  I never knew how enthusiastic little arms could be when they are flung around my neck for a squeeze.  I never knew how important you would be to me.  

When I found out I was having a little boy, oh, the thoughts flew around.  I wasn't sure HOW to have a boy.  A girl, yup, I got that covered.  But a boy was a completely foreign territory.  But, oh, what a wonderful territory of scrapes, bumps, stickies, dirt, wheels and fascination it is!  He studies things with complete interest.  He loves balloons (BOONS!), cars (CAHS!), balls (BAHS!) and anything that has to do with sporting equipment.  He adores his one bear (bah on any other snuggly thing), a soft blanket (must be tucked UNDER the arms), his bottle (yup, he still gets one sometimes), and he calls himself "baby" (although he is 40 inches tall).  He hates it when you try and dress him up, he is very opinionated about his clothing.  He loves shoes of any sort, but the blinking cowboy boots are the best.  He has at least 3 cowlicks, and his hair does it's own thing.  He has blue rimmed eyes, with green in the middle.  He will stumble backward and whine, he will march around the house complaining when he doesn't get his way.  He threw a flower pot at his sister's head the other day.  He wraps his arms around my leg and says "oh mama!".  He doesn't like his green jacket, but he really likes his blue one.  The giraffe boots are preferred, but he will settle for the green frogs.  But under no circumstances are you to put him in his sisters pink butterfly boots, that is cause for mutiny!  He really likes Go, Diego, Go! and his spanish class...Elmo also rates.  He looks down on the Doodlebobs and Tom & Jerry frighten him.  He thinks he knows all the alphabet, but he knows about 8 of them.  He can count to 10, but will only do it if you are doing it wrong.  He will put himself to bed if he is tired.  He will get out of bed all night and play if he is not.  He sleeps in a queen sized bed because he is a big kid.  He knows how to work the toilet and what goes into it, but do NOT sit him up on it, that causes screaming in terror fits.  Likewise with the bathtub at the moment, but showers are okay.  He loves spanish class, but doesn't pay attention all that well.  He likes to play outside, he would stay there all day if that was possible.  He says "OKAY" when he falls, even before you can ask him if he is okay.  But he will not be okay until you kiss his hurt spot.  He calls his sister "GWAYCE", and she calls him "Brother!" (usually with the emphasis as he has taken something or pulled something).  He takes the dog's toy and runs away screaming "MINE"!  He thinks that red is green, and green is blue.  He beats on his "drum" (a turned over box) and sings every 3rd word to "You are my sunshine" (which is his favorite song).  He has been able to jump and walk up stairs since he was about 18 months old.  

He is amazing, and obviously, I think he is the smartest, most wonderful little boy out there.  

I love you son.


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