Thursday, June 19, 2008


So, Im having a baby in just over 2 months...we are moving in about a month, we haven't started packing, there is a giant hole in my front yard where "eee Gawds" there might be a tiny little bit of oil that leaked so LITERALLY it has to be inspected by several different types of environmental places...and LOADS of dirt taken out and replaced. The east river? fish can't live there anymore, but if there is a tiny bit of oil that seeped out of your tank (you literally cant see any) then they will hunt you down in the night. With urgency.

We havent found a school for my very bright little girl, the neighborhood we like doesnt have any houses for rent that aren't the most horrid little things for over $7000.00.

I know God has a plan for us, I am trying hard to trust in that...but PLEASE Father...could you help us find it soon? Before I get so stressed out I'm twitching?


LadyBoyd said...

>twitch< >twitch< I think anyone would be twitching after that!! We love you, hon, and pray for you guys every day. I hope that the weekend brings some welcome peace and rest.

Debbie & Jason said...

Hi Ashley! It was soo great to see you at the wedding! It'd been way too long! I'll be praying for you guys with your house-hunt and school-hunt! Check out my blog...

There's photos from the wedding. Feel free to link to it, if you want. Love you guys!