Tuesday, July 01, 2008

so....blogging in twitter like bursts because thats all my brain can handle right now...

1. my son is flying without a diaper today. we will see how that goes at least for a little while....I never thought I would spend a majority of my day saying "do you need to pee-pee"?

2. i had my 3 hour gestational diabetes test yesterday because I failed the 1 hour one. NOT fun, hope I dont fail this one. It might put a hitch in my ice cream whenever possible plans.

3. I bought a giant pool-like thing. Its 13 feet round and has a pump and stuff. I'm mighty intimidated.

4. I am anemic. I have blood in my output. Its all such a lovely thing.

5. We might have found a place to rent. We like it, it will work. The people that own it may or not be a famous Filipino singer and he lives overseas and is on vacation in China. Sigh. Such is my luck, eh?

6. I havent started packing. Not one little ounce of box. Nope.

7. I dream about the colors I dont like that Im just sure I will have to live with and it wakes me up with the willies.

8. I slept 4.5 hours last night despite the fact that I took Tylenol PM. My brain and body are just a little twitchy right now. (And im not even talking about the alien inside that keeps twitching.)

9. I have a nasty client that hasnt paid me in 5 months. THAT bothers me in the middle of the night too.

10. I feel isolated but I dont feel like socializing...I just want to nest and get ready for the baby and I have NO NEST TO FEATHER. This is BOTHERING ME. A LITTLE BIT. YOU THINK?