Monday, March 30, 2009

James Richard - 3 years (almost)
Oh, my boy...I think maybe next year I will stop with the "oh, we had such a hard time getting you here" posts around your birthday...frankly, it seems so long ago and you were so very, very worth it.  It was hard, I was sick...but you are one of the best gifts I've been given.
You are the most amazing, wonderful, and every other adjective little boy I've ever met.  Sure, you are extremely passionate about doing things yourself...even to the point where you want to sit on the pot by yourself with me outside of the stall or door. still want me on the other side of the door.  You care deeply about every little thing in your life, from your family to your red car.  Its usually your favorite.  I marvel at the level of passion you put into everything you do.  You are 100%, all of the time, and I know that is going to stand you well as a man.
Oh, the man you are going to be my darling.  I glimpse him sometimes in your furrowed brow, in your very determination to wear the "strong stripes" that you love so much.  I see his handsomeness in your ever-sparkling green/blue eyes, and his soul in your willingness to include EVERYONE, even the little boy in the corner who is "special"...he is to you.  You want to make sure he knows that make sure every one of your little boy's game includes him even if he doesnt understand what you are playing.  His mama tells me he talks about his "friend-James".  Like it's one word.  
I'm so very proud of you, and yet its not something I can take credit for, its just YOU. 
We call you the mayor, because you haven't met many you aren't interested in.  I'm sometimes a little embarrased by the "what YOUR name?" you demand of everyone you meet...even the guy who pumped our gas today, but I worry needlessly, they are all charmed by you.  You offer a plump paw, a dimpled grin- and somehow you just know that mostly what people want is to know you SEE them.   

Your strong hugs, your "kiss me!" demands are moments I treasure during the day.  They don't come as frequently as they may from others, but OH! what they mean.  When I walk through the door of your school, the smile that lights your face and the "theres my MAMA!" accompanied by the full force run-into-my-arms...I will hold that moment in my heart's treasure box forever. 
Your physical and mental talents are many, you have a keen ear for music, you kick a mean ball, you are close to reading, and you can walk in 4 inch red satin high heels (your papa wont let me take a picture).
My boy...I love saying that, thinking that, loving you.
Happy 3rd Birthday!

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Outofthecastle said...

I just wanted to let you know that I read this and found it really inspiring, I'm a student teacher and love reading about relationships like these, and I featured it on my blog-

hope you check it out! Thanks for such incredible reading- best of luck to you and your family.