Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Grade- Gracie style.
(But apparently, Mr. Whootson is only allowed to call her Gracie)

So, my girl. Oh my girl. She is off to 1st Grade. I realized she will REMEMBER these days now...she ran ahead and was impatient with us to hurry. I was proud, because there is a special ed girl in her class who is sitting at her desk group, and i know that she and another boy were chosen to sit there because they have the reputation for being kind and easy going. I was proud because she knew already what to do and was happy to do it.
I was proud because we got her this far and she is a fantastic kid.
But just a tiny, tiny bit...I was so sad to see how long she is, how sure of herself, how little she needed my hand. She told me I was holding hers a little too tight.
But today? Less sad, more hopeful. Someone told me once,
"We are so sad to see them grow, but imagine the alternative."

Good Luck my Grace. You are well on your way to being a fantastic human being, and I am enjoying every moment of getting to know you. I will miss having you home every day so very much, but I know that you have your own journey you need to take, I am here only to be your caretaker and cheerleader. Im here baby, any time...but I'm so proud of you for letting go, just a little bit.

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